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Wireless Interconnection Module to suit 160 series


The EIB100MRF is an optional add-on RadioLINK™+ module for the EIB160e series alarms. The module simply plugs into the designated slot in the base of the alarm head. The immediate flashing LED indicates that the module has been fitted correctly.

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The EIB100MRF module facilitates wireless interconnection with up to 12 RadioLINK™ devices. It also facilitates a hybrid communication of hardwired and wireless connections.

The EiB100MRF is designed to inherently connect to any “non house-coded” Brooks alarm that is within range to provide interconnection peace of mind. Brooks highly recommends that all alarm systems are house-coded to prevent alarm events from adjacent compatible alarm systems.



The Brooks Wireless Interconnection Module has the following features:

  • RF upgrade for mains powered “160e” series alarms
  • Simple plug in modular design (can be executed in the field)
  • Tricolour LED to indicate RF status
  • Interconnect up to 12 hardwire and/or wireless communication alarms/devices
  • Retains historical data
  • Mesh based communication protocol for communications resilience
  • Unique House-Coding feature confines communication to selected RadioLINK™ devices
  • Remote alarm learn entry
  • RF monitoring
  • Alarm status and parameter information download via RadioLINK™ tool
  • Powered through the alarm head
  • Certified to AS/NZS4268:2012
  • 5 Year Guarantee